Autism: Out Of The Box

Autism: Out Of The Box, was a collaboration between Richard Keys, James Barnett, Jen Elcheson, Kerryn Humphreys, Bo Rex Moore, Marcelle Ciampi, Kimberly Tucker, and Amalena. It can be viewed at Autism: Out Of The Box

With Special thanks to Judy from Actually Autistic Blog List

It has been kindly published by The Sociological Mail



Good News For One Of The Guys From My Homelessness Photo Essay

One of the guys that was kind enough to allow me to photograph him for my photo essay on homelessness has just moved into a bedsit. He’s in the process of applying for a buskers license as well. It’s made my day.

If you want to have a look at my photo essay (my first published article) you can see it at Homelessness – People are Only Invisible When We Choose to Ignore Them.

Proud of Pride

Pride is a celebration of diversity and gender in all of its many forms. It’s an opportunity for the LGBTQ community, friends, family and supporters to gather together and be proud of being who we are. Being visible as a community means that equality and diversity can be promoted and homophobia and discrimination can be challenged by presence and a carnival atmosphere.