Hello and a warm welcome to Photo Sociology.

My name is Richard and I am a photographer. Photography means so much to me that I decided to study photography with the Open College of the Arts. A lot of the content that you will discover on my site are presentations of my coursework and assignments.

People and society are important to me, and I use photography to explore mental health, diversity and inequality, as well as writing essays for The Sociological Mail. You can find some of my sociology themed work on the menu above by clicking on the sociology button, or the drop down which links to the essays that I have written.

Creative writing is an outlet for me from time to time, and has become a means of expressing my thoughts and feelings. What I write can sometimes appear to be quite dark, and maybe challenging to read. I write about suicide and mental health, it has become a form of therapy for me. Mental illness and developing good mental health are important to explore, and I believe that it’s important to discuss. If you have difficulties with your mental health then I would like you to know that its important to seek help. Speak with somebody who you know and trust, ask them if they will support you in gaining the help and building the support network that you need and deserve.

I have a gallery, which I add to from time to time, especially when I attend events, or photograph birds and flowers. Macro photography (flowers and bugs) and bird photography are my mindfulness. They slow me down physically and Still my thoughts. What a relief to have an escape valve.

I welcome comments, and critique of my photography. I find it especially helpful if you explain what it is that you like or dislike, rather than just a negative or positive comment. When you tell me why you like or dislike something  I then have the opportunity to grow and develop.

I do hope that you enjoy your visit.

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I use a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.  This means that you can make use of my work for non commercial purposes, you can make derivatives/changes Рbut you must identify where you have done so, and you must link back to this site wherever you use my work.