My Name Is Helen

I have the most wonderful and exciting news and I want to share it with you.

Last Sunday I changed my name to Helen, and I use the pronouns She and Her.

Many of you will already be familiar with my gender identity, both historically and currently, so I won’t cover it all here again. I have been attending a transgender support group, and I’m awaiting counselling to help me to fully transition to living as the woman that I am. I already live as a woman at home. It’s a gentle process for me, because last time I was Helen I was assaulted twice and have been left traumatised.

A person has come into my life who has given me gender confidence, and with their support, praise and belief in me, I felt able to change my name to Helen.

In every arena of my life I have informed people of my name change, it’s not a surprise for people as I’m quite open about my gender identity. I have been accepted as one of the girls in one large social network that I belong too, and I’ve had such overwhelming amount of support and encouragement. People have been in permant contact with me. A few women want to take me clothes shopping once lockdown is over , as well as taking me to the beauty counter so I can be guided in the right shades of foundation, blush, contour and shadow. It’s wonderful.

You guys are the last people I’m letting know. But hey, it’s still less than a week. I haven’t even been on here since lockdown, my life has actually got busier during lockdown. How does that happen? Once I get my wig I may actually post a face photo on here. How novel is that for me? Love you. Helen🌸


The wig I have orderedScreenshot_20200424_042310

The boots I have orderedScreenshot_20200424_042329

28 Replies to “My Name Is Helen”

  1. Hey, girrrrl! It’d be wrong to say welcome into one of the best gender club, but that’s not fair since you’ve always been one at heart.
    I’m exited for you to continue on and hope to see more of your transition because it’s truly fascinating.
    All power to you, Helen. Lovely name btw

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  2. Hello, Helen. I am so glad you are coming out and taking a hold of your identity that hopefully will help your mental health. Ever since I’ve started reading your post as a Hermit, I sense your femine side. I am excited and happy for you. I like that wig and shoes!

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  3. You are beautiful and creative and incredibly strong. I’m so grateful I met you. You’ve brought a lot of beauty into my life every day since. It hurts my heart that you were assaulted. Your courage to step fully back into life after something like that inspires me. I love the wig you chose — it’s gorgeous! ♥.

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  4. What wonderful news Helen and I’m so glad you are gaining confidence. Your past experiences must have been so traumatic for you, people can so cruel but also there are some incredibly caring individuals too. It’s so good to hear you have a good support network of friends and let’s hope that you will be able to go shopping together soon. Your new clothes, boots & wig are lovely. Take care Judy x

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    1. Thankyou so much Judy. I am incredibly well supported, and of course I have the support of OCA friends. We have an online meet up following part one which we did a couple of weeks ago, and everyone has been so kind. 🌸

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  5. I am so happy to see you happy Richard. That is all that is important. Don’t let the haters get to you – they don’t have enough in their lives to be grateful about. I love your new avatar and I cant wait to see a picture of you in your new wig. Don’t forget to send a picture as soon as possible!!

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  6. I think Helen is a beautiful name. It means “shining light”. Blessings. Also, the wig is beautiful and the boots are awesome. I love the buckle. I had a pair of red suede slouch boots once. I wore them until the toes were scuffed bare. 🙂

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    1. That’s fantastic, it’s lovely to have favourite boots and shoes. I had no idea that Helen means shining light. That’s so sweet to hear. Sorry I haven’t responded to your blog. It’s been a busy time recently. 🌸💕

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