Self Isolation Due To Underlying Health Conditions

The UK government are beginning to put in place emergencgy measures to protect the population from covid 19.

They have asked that, from this weekend, people over 70, pregnant women and those with serious underlying health conditions to stay at home for 12 weeks. The exceptions are to buy food and go to the pharmacy (if you don’t have anyone to do it for you), as wee as to get some exercise.

I am vulnerable because I have underlying health problems l. I have heart valve disease, have had part of a lung removed, and also because I have diabetes.

They are taking these measure because those who have serious health conditions are more likely to have serious complications if they catch coronavirus, and would probably end up in intensive care. So, from this weekend I will be self isolating.

I have experienced some anxiety about this as my mental health suffers if I stay in for a couple of days, let alone for 12 weeks. I’ve talked this through with a few people now and I’m slowly feeling more relaxed about the situation.

I’m going to order food online for delivery to my home, and I’m going to ask the pharmacy to deliver my medication. These measures remove my need to go outside for these reason.  However, I am going to get outside every two or three days for a walk.

When I walk I will need to follow government guidelines on social distancing, which means staying more than two meters away from people. This is easily manageable with two routes I can follow where there is less footfall and away from busy streets.

Something else has given me more peace about spending a lot of time at home. I can write more of Sophie Lives and do more research into domestic violence and people’s recovery from it. I also have reading and my coursework, as well as freewriting. My kitchen and bathroom floors need a good clean as well.

I feel more settled about self isolating now. I’ll miss my cousins birthday, but we can celebrate it when we are able to meet up again. We were going to go to Minsmere for a day out birdwatching.

We are all in this together, and I need to to take the responsibility of doing my part.

16 Replies to “Self Isolation Due To Underlying Health Conditions”

  1. Take care Richard, these are worrying times. My hubby had an operation yesterday connected to his kidney failure & has COPD so we’re having to be extra careful too. Both our daughters are unwell presently so are unable to visit him. A walk sounds a good plan.

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  2. Protecting one’s mental health is as important as protecting one’s physical health. Stay connected! And you can make fun and funny tableaus of household objects and photograph them and mess around with funky edits…just to amuse yourself (and us!)

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      1. We are well. We live in social isolation all the time but my husband has lung disease and he coughs all the time and I’m a tad worried that when we do go out tomorrow to grocery shop people will think his normal cough is the virus talking! OK, so I’m a little paranoid LOL

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      2. No you’re not. I was at a day centre today and everyone said they feel the same if they cough or sneeze. I can’t clear my throat properly after having part of my lung removed, so I cough quite a bit. I’ve had to explain that to people to put them at ease. So I don’t think there’s anything unusual in your thinking.

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  3. I’m glad you’re taking precautions. It’s odd, isn’t it? Those of us who prefer to be home are still struggling because we actually do have “out” we partake in that levels up. I’m glad you’ll be working some more on “Sophie” (did I mention that was a favourite name?).

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      1. Thankyou Richard. We all have to live one day at a time, do as we are guided and learn how to live in the emerging new age. Wash our hands 🧼 🖐 enjoy woods, parks and gardens if we can🌳 take exercise🏃‍♂️get plenty of rest💤 enjoy music🎤 🎶 📖 and an occasional indulgence 🍺🍷and of course 📷 📸🎥!!

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